Monday, January 12, 2015


Hi dear Friends... This is my first post in 2015..... Sorry dear friends... I've just been a bit lazy keeping up with my blog. Yes ..I know, all coz of the Facebook...:) :)   Today I'm sharing the details of my new project. Quilled Geranium Flower. ( not exact... :)  )

The flowers are made with 1.5 mm strips. The 1.5 mm strips I have used is inspired by our all time favourite, talented artist Manuela Koosch and also I love this bright raspberry colour and really enjoyed making tight coiled flowers with it. At the same time the outcome is almost similar with the type of Geranium Sanguineum flower.

....Next..the leaves...!!! The leaves are made out of duplex sheets. actually the duplex paper in my stock was pure white. I searched for green in all stationery in our location. But I didn't get. Hmmm...Shhhhh...idea....!! apply the green paint on white... :) Yes..For that I used green food colour... dipped the white duplex sheet in it and kept it to dry. Hoooooo.....the result was amazing.

And I made the yellow lady bugs for this project. Red lady bugs are common but I know red colour is not suitable here. Finally....

  I'm really happy with the outcome... The finished work is framed in a white 12x12cm , (4 3/4 x 4 3/4) deep frame....

Thank you


Monday, March 17, 2014


Hi All.......back again with some 3d paper dolls. I made all these just to decorate my living room cabinet. Here  I tried to make totally different desings nd styles..... One design I took from our talented, well known nd most inspirational quiller Amna-Al-Fardh 's dolls collections.
Hope you like my stylish gaals...!!! :) :)


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quilled Goldspot

Hi friends ..

After a long time break.... (coz...I lost my Dad 5 months ago due to complications from his heart surgery ..We took care of him as best as we could but still he died and that hurts....hmmm...I feel like that a puzzle piece missing....there s something every day that makes me think of him n wish he was still here..Its hard to explain .. so...)

 Yes....Im trying to back in ths colourful Quilling world.. .Here is my new creation ... "Gold spot" ...!!
and I hope you like it... 


Thank you ..



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quilled Jewellery sets ..

Hi Friends...
Back again...!! Hope u all are doing good... This time I am going to share some paper jewellery sets. yea friends....This  is my first attempt at making some jewelleries with paper strips. The first set I made is for a very pretty girl , my neighbour Varsha . And really I am so glad to make it for her.... Hope she will like it...And the second one for my lovely daughter Violin ....

Thank u for visiting my blog ....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quilled Mule Deer

Hi Friends.....
Walls are a very common place to hang art works...This quilled wall art  definitely will create a nice focal point in your room... !!
Yes.. Im back again with another project...A Beautiful Quilled Deer... while I am surfing net I got this Mule Deer with Aspen Metal Wall Art piece. Actually its a handmade wall art piece with wood nd steel mix. I liked the picture and tried to give quilled finish.... By the way Im giving my full respect nd credit to the original artist.  Really Its a hardwork to get the total finish coz tht picture is just like a shadow. And now Im thrilled at the result. For the wooden effect I used the strips in rust  ( 1/8"wide /3mm ) nd for the shade of light selected the bright white. And the background is white metalic texture wall paper.

The finished work is framed in IKEA white frame of 50 X 50 cm with  29 X 29 cm inner work space. 

That’s about it... Hope u like this creation.....
Thank u for visiting my blog....!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frame work with Quilled circles

Hi friends ..

This time Im presenting my new frame work with simple quilled circles. Anyone can make this with their own choice of colours nd enjoy the beauty....!!

Hope u like my creation....
Thank you..


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mix of Quill & Punch craft / Quilled heart

Hi friends....yea I know everyone going to celebrate Valentines Day... here s the card I made for ths special day nd for the special ones.. I know most of my frieds saw this on my FB page. This is  just for my blogger friends...he..he..

Addind up  my new frame work...Always I've been trying to fill my frames only with quilled creations,  but this time I thought in a different way. Yea..Its the mix of quill nd punch craft. So simple ... no..??  Hope u like the mixing nd the total effect...

 Thank you for visiting my blog....

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